Merry Meet everyone!

I am a wife, mother, registered nurse and a witch.  (I know what you thought there, LOL!  But seriously, my path is that of a solitary eclectic hedgewitch that is obsessed with herbs, spices and oils.)  I am all about helping myself, my family and clients live the best life as naturally as possible.  So, this holistic hedgewitch hair care journey is right up my alley.  As a matter of fact, I don’t know why I haven’t done this before now?!  So, as I sit here with my morning cuppa and eggs,  I decided that I am going to share my experiences doing holistic hedgewitch hair care with you. I hope it is helpful to you.


I am thoroughly enjoying all the benefits and experiences of “going granola” as some would say with my new natural hair care routine.  So for my first segment,  I will talk about the top 3 advantages I had this first month on my journey.

The Enchantress’ Top 3 Advantages of going herbal with Haircare

1.  Expanding my knowledge of herbal healing and enrichment of my Craft and daily life

I  enjoy the researching of ingredients. ( I know, but I am finding that my inner nerdy child needs love too! ) This has really expanded my knowledge of the healing properties of  plant life, herbs & clay.  Doing this research into the ingredients has also increased my awareness of other cultures and their ways of healing. Next, there is the  developing of my own herbal hair-care blends. It  is super enjoyable for me to see the herbal properties come to life.  The trial and error of what works and doesn’t work is also very stimulating to my inner nerdy child! The mixing and blending of the herbal formulas also helps to strengthen my working knowledge of herbs. This in turn deepens my practice of the Craft as well as my enriches my day to day life with my family.

2. The Cost effectiveness of DIY herbal hair-care over purchasing commercial products

It is extremely cost effective  to start making your own herbal hair care products.  The salon brands I have been using over the last  20 years are so super expensive.  So, this switch over to my new natural routine has been a really nice thing for our family budget.   The powders average $7 – $10 per ½# . I only use about 1 house tablespoon per ingredient in my shampoo blend.  This makes the bag last a pretty long time.  You also need to take into account that you will be washing your hair less often because it will be cleaner after using the natural cleansers  rather than the SLS in the commercial brands.   That equals even greater savings! Another plus for me when ordering my herbs, besides the cost-effectiveness, is the excitement of delivery day!   As I hear  the doorbell ring,  just knowing my package full of hair herbs is out there waiting for me on the stoop sends my inner child into a joyful dance!

3. Natural Self-care –  healing & loving my hair with the abundance from the Goddess

There is nothing like the calm comforting feeling I get  knowing that I am using all natural chemical – free hair-care that actually works.  It has healed my hair and scalp as well as my aura from the harsh energies found in the chemical laden commercial brands.  I believe that it is a direct healing from the Goddess for me.  This routine is her answer to my actual prayers.  I truly believe this and I am very grateful she has started me on this next part of my journey.  

Thank you for sitting a spell with me.

Lots of love & Enchanted Blessings~

Mme Violette