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This is my Healing and the Lunar Cycle articles of my Healing with the Goddess series™.  For these installments of the series, the focus is on working with the lunar cycle for self-improvement and empowerment.  I hope it is of help to you.

Much Health & Enchanted Blessings~ ♥ Mme Violette


Full Moon:

This is a time of harvest and release. The 3 days leading up to the Full Moon are the most powerful times for the fruition and completion of the seeds planted during the New Moon.
During this time of the lunar cycle when the moon is bright, beautiful and bold, it is time to focus on deep healing and releasing on all levels.

Physically: This a good time to deal with any feminine reproduction and fertility issues, to start a cleanse and to treat lingering infections (particularly yeast ). Also, hidden illnesses and imbalances are often revealed during the Full Moon period. This is because like her light illuminates the earth , it also shines brightly on our lives to illuminate what is hidden so, it can be healed.

Emotionally / Spiritually : This is a time of heightened emotions. Be gentle with yourself and your loved ones. Everyone is experiencing a rush of feelings and needs extra time alone.
This is a wonderful time for Journaling and meditation to help work through these emotions that are coming to the surface. Remember,emotions buried alive never die! When meditating on these issues try to sit with the emotions without pushing away the discomfort they bring. Ask the Goddess : “ what do I need to learn from this? “

Energy healing: This is good time for working with the Goddess and the Angels for energy healing focused on releasing the old thoughts, belief systems and emotional responses that no longer serve to help make room for the new higher energies coming to the planet.

Magically: This is the time to do spells and workings for fertility, abundance, intuition & releasing curses, hexes and past life traumas and karmic patterns. This is also the time for spiritual baths that release the above mentioned issues.

Herbs and Essential oil Correspondences: Bergamot, hyssop, Myrtle, Orange, Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Rose, Petitgrain


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