This is the waning moon installment of my Healing and the Lunar Cycle articles.  This is part of my Healing with the Goddess series™  I hope it is of help to you.

Health & Enchanted Blessings~ ♥ Mme Violette

Waning Moon

This is from the Full moon until the Dark Moon.
During this time of the lunar cycle when the Moon’s light is decreasing, it is best to focus on releasing & letting go on all planes of existence.

Physical: It is the best part of the lunar cycle to do a juice fast, parasite cleanses, gallbladder cleanses or kidney cleanses. Dietary intake should be focused on increased water intake & eating foods that will help with detoxification. You can include berries, green vegetables, lemons, limes, cilantro, parsley, apples and apple cider vinegar into your diet and decrease processed foods and sugars. Colon hydrotherapy and Massage therapy sessions with stimulate and support the functioning of the elimination organs. (Lymphatic system, intestines, skin and the liver).

Emotionally: This a great time to work on releasing habits and addictions that are holding you back from leading a fulfilling life. This could be quitting smoking, getting off caffeine or releasing your addiction to drama and replacing them with positive thoughts and coping mechanisms.

Spiritually: This is a time to meditate on and let go of fears, worries, stress and mental blocks to your happiness.

Energy Healing: Any energy work should focus on releasing cords of fear, severing toxic relationships and strengthening psychic, personal and emotional boundaries.

Magically: This is a wonderful time to do spells and workings for banishing, binding, neutralizing & reversal spells (addictions, illness, evil influences, unwanted negative energies, destroying enemies power to harm, removing blockages). This is also a great time for spiritual baths of purification.

Correspondences for this phase

Herbs & Essential Oils: Lavender, Bay, Nettle, Frankincense, lime, sage, thyme and peppermint

Magical: divination( particularly scrying), psychic abilities and wisdom


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