Here is a wonderful prosperity spell to increase business or personal income.

Enchanted Blessings ~

♥  Mme Violette

CEH Prosperity Rice Bowl


Supplies needed:
• A green or silver bowl or dish
• dill weed
• cinnamon sticks or powder
• grains of brown rice
• 6 bay leaves
• yellow or red rose petals (call upon Venus to bless)
• ground Coffee & Chicory (French Market brand)

You can use one or a combination of these or other money drawing crystals in your bowl:
clear quartz ( amplifies all your intentions)

citrine( helps to manifest money, brings fast money, success)

tiger’s eye( attracts money to you, brings good luck, creates abundance in the real world)

malachite( increases wealth, attracts profitable business deals, money drawing)
The timing for this spell can be done the following ways:

  1. Done during the waxing moon on a Thursday.
  2.  The planetary hours & days can be used that correspond with wealth/money.
  3. Go by the clock when the minute hand is moving up

Face East, Center, clear, cast (if your tradition calls for this)

As you are doing this spell, hold the intention of bringing money effortlessly into your household so that there will always be enough money to pay bills, for savings and to have fun each month.

In the bowl, mix the next 6 ingredients.  (You can charge each ingredient with your intentions if you like as well at this time)
The exact proportions are not so important, but make sure you have a bit of everything in it. Then place the crystal in the center of the bowl or plate.
Now, charge your plate/bowl with your intentions for drawing money steadily & effortlessly into your household.
Seal in the spell.
Give thanks to any attending spiritual energy, guides and angels. You are done.
Let the plate in view on a shelf in your home, money altar or in the kitchen preferably on the East side of your home.

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