This is the 3rd installment in my Healing with the Goddess Series: Healing and the Lunar Cycle.  This focuses on self-awareness and improvement during the last phase of the lunar cycle.  I hope this is of help to you on your journey.

Enchanted Blessings~   Mme Violette

The Dark Moon 

This is the last 3 days of the moon’s cycle until the new crescent appears.  This is the time for working on your inner witch.  It is a time for retreating and resting from the world.  It is a transition period between releasing the old and bringing in the new.  The Dark moon is a time of quiet powerful healing and preparation.

Spiritually: It is a time for turning your focus inward and listening to the messages of your heart & soul. Taking some quiet time and doing meditation will open you up to these messages & bring about clarity and peace.

Emotionally: The Dark Moon is a wonderful time to take an inventory of your life. This helps you to evaluate what is no longer serving you in order to plant seeds of new beginnings at the New moon phase.  This time is also a great opportunity to do the shadow (inner child) work of exploring your angers and passions.

Routinely recording your thoughts and visions during meditations along with your goals in a lunar diary each month will help you to keep track of your progress.

Physically: I would recommend eating light simple foods without excessive fats and sugars. Drink rose, lavender or chamomile herbal tea instead of coffee or other caffeinated beverages.  Taking a relaxing bath with lavender and rose essential oils will help calm you, mind, body and soul.  

Incorporating these things into your day at this time will raise your vibration helping you to gather your thoughts, alleviate anxiety & release muscle tension.

Magickally: This is a very good time for spells involving banishing, justice and neutralizing.  This Dark Moon time is also a very favorable & influential time for divination especially making predictions for the future.

Herbs and essential oil Correspondences: Rose, lavender, catnip, valerian, mugwort and chamomile

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