This is part 4 in my Healing with the Goddess Series:  Healing and the Lunar Cycle.  This installment looks at ways to harness the energy of the new moon to create better health, improved relationships, increased abundance, beauty and self-love.  I hope this is of help to you.

Enchanted Blessings~  Mme Violette

The New Moon

This phase happens when the first beginnings of the moon’s crescent is visible in the sky.  It is the first part of the waxing phase.

The New Moon is about being open to change, new beginnings, inspiration and renewal of your spiritual path.  As the moon’s light is just beginning to shine, it is the perfect time for planting those seeds of new beginnings (intentions) that originated during the Dark Moon.

Physically: It is a great time to start new eating habits, exercise plans and beauty regimens.  

Emotionally:  The New Moon is a great time to start working on the things you have been putting off.  Write in your dream diary and look for patterns, symbols and clues to help you improve your waking life 

Energy work:  At this time, healing work should focus on cleansing and balancing the chakras, especially the throat and sacral chakras.  These energy centers are responsible for our creativity, emotional well being, expression of our truth and our financial health. By removing  blockages from these chakras, it helps to promote growth to improve these areas of our lives.

Magically: The New Moon & the first 3 days after are the most powerful for spells to stimulate, speedup & create.  Workings focus on attracting a new love, new relationships, new employment & money.  This is also a wonderful time to do workings for fertility, increasing intuition, creating wealth & abundance & increasing business/sales to manifest at the Full Moon.

Herb and Essential Oil Correspondences: Nutmeg, Orange, Cinnamon, Myrtle, Five finger grass, orris root, Rose

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