Healing and the Lunar Cycle: The New Moon

This is part 4 in my Healing with the Goddess Series:  Healing and the Lunar Cycle.  This installment looks at ways to harness the energy of the new moon to create better health, improved relationships, increased abundance, beauty and self-love.  I hope this is of help to you.

Enchanted Blessings~  Mme Violette

The New Moon

This phase happens when the first beginnings of the moon’s crescent is visible in the sky.  It is the first part of the waxing phase.

The New Moon is about being open to change, new beginnings, inspiration and renewal of your spiritual path.  As the moon’s light is just beginning to shine, it is the perfect time for planting those seeds of new beginnings (intentions) that originated during the Dark Moon.

Physically: It is a great time to start new eating habits, exercise plans and beauty regimens.  

Emotionally:  The New Moon is a great time to start working on the things you have been putting off.  Write in your dream diary and look for patterns, symbols and clues to help you improve your waking life 

Energy work:  At this time, healing work should focus on cleansing and balancing the chakras, especially the throat and sacral chakras.  These energy centers are responsible for our creativity, emotional well being, expression of our truth and our financial health. By removing  blockages from these chakras, it helps to promote growth to improve these areas of our lives.

Magically: The New Moon & the first 3 days after are the most powerful for spells to stimulate, speedup & create.  Workings focus on attracting a new love, new relationships, new employment & money.  This is also a wonderful time to do workings for fertility, increasing intuition, creating wealth & abundance & increasing business/sales to manifest at the Full Moon.

Herb and Essential Oil Correspondences: Nutmeg, Orange, Cinnamon, Myrtle, Five finger grass, orris root, Rose

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Healing and the Lunar Cycle: The Dark Moon

This is the 3rd installment in my Healing with the Goddess Series: Healing and the Lunar Cycle.  This focuses on self-awareness and improvement during the last phase of the lunar cycle.  I hope this is of help to you on your journey.

Enchanted Blessings~   Mme Violette

The Dark Moon 

This is the last 3 days of the moon’s cycle until the new crescent appears.  This is the time for working on your inner witch.  It is a time for retreating and resting from the world.  It is a transition period between releasing the old and bringing in the new.  The Dark moon is a time of quiet powerful healing and preparation.

Spiritually: It is a time for turning your focus inward and listening to the messages of your heart & soul. Taking some quiet time and doing meditation will open you up to these messages & bring about clarity and peace.

Emotionally: The Dark Moon is a wonderful time to take an inventory of your life. This helps you to evaluate what is no longer serving you in order to plant seeds of new beginnings at the New moon phase.  This time is also a great opportunity to do the shadow (inner child) work of exploring your angers and passions.

Routinely recording your thoughts and visions during meditations along with your goals in a lunar diary each month will help you to keep track of your progress.

Physically: I would recommend eating light simple foods without excessive fats and sugars. Drink rose, lavender or chamomile herbal tea instead of coffee or other caffeinated beverages.  Taking a relaxing bath with lavender and rose essential oils will help calm you, mind, body and soul.  

Incorporating these things into your day at this time will raise your vibration helping you to gather your thoughts, alleviate anxiety & release muscle tension.

Magickally: This is a very good time for spells involving banishing, justice and neutralizing.  This Dark Moon time is also a very favorable & influential time for divination especially making predictions for the future.

Herbs and essential oil Correspondences: Rose, lavender, catnip, valerian, mugwort and chamomile

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La Mia Cucina

This is the section for my favorite recipes.  I hope it inspires you in the kitchen.

Enchanted Blessings~  ♥ Mme Violette

Almond/Flax Low carb Buns

1 cup almond meal/flour

½ cup flaxmeal

6 eggs

2 tsp of baking powder

⅓ cup EVOO

2 tsp of baking powder

Mix all the dry ingredients together in a medium bowl

Break open the eggs into a small bowl and  beat well

Pour EVOO into the eggs and mix well

Then pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients and mix well

Let batter sit a few minutes to firm up a bit.

Grease a muffin top pan and divide evenly between 6 cups.

The batter before going into the oven.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 mins

Almond/Flax Low carb buns
Not too much longer!

These little cuties are only 1.333 net carbs per bun!  They are fluffy and sturdy enough to hold a good size burger.  You just split them in half like an English muffin.

Almond/Flax low carb buns
Finished product!

We had these with low carb pork ribs tonight.  Yum!

My low carb version of BBQ

Peace & Harmony Honey Sugar Spell

I want to share one of my sweet jars with you.  It is a very powerful spell to sweeten someone’s disposition towards you.  This sweet jar is used to bring sweetness, peace & calmness in order to promote healing.   It opens lines of communication to promote understanding between the two parties.  You could use this jar in many situations & relationships.  You could add crystals and additional herbs if you like to customize it to your situation.  I hope this helps you. 

Enchanted Blessings~   ❤ Mme Violette 


Peace & Harmony Honey Sugar Spell

honey jar


  • Pen
  • Picture
  • Paper
  • Small jar with lid
  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • Spring water or Rose Water, Rose EO or all 3
  • Pink rose petals
  • Orris root powder
  • Passion flower
  • Italian Basil
  • 4 Tea lights

Center, Clear, Cast ( if your tradition calls for this)

Focus your intentions

Clear all tools before the spell

Use a picture of the person or write their name on paper,
draw a ❤ over the face or on the paper over their name.  

Around the petition paper write in cursive without lifting the pen what your wish is for the situation.  You could write something like: forgive me, be sweet to me, harmony & peace with thee or just love me.   Then fold it into a small square towards you clockwise.

Place in the jar.

Mix the sugar, pink rose petals, orris root powder, passion flower & Italian Basil together while placing your intentions in each ingredient.

Then place in jar on top of petition paper
Next pour in a little spring water/rose water or rose EO into the jar while placing your intentions in each ingredient.

Lastly, pour the honey to fill up the jar while saying:
“Bring sweetness to be between me and thee, heal and create harmony.  This is my will, so mote it be”

Put on the lid.

Place one tealight directly on top of the jar then place one tealight to the left and right of the jar and the third in the front and light.

Meditate for a moment
then end with a prayer of thanks & releasing the circle.

Let burn out safely.
Keep it in your home out of sight or on your altar working it regularly  for as long as you wish or until you see the situation improve.  

The best timing for making & working this jar is during the day, when the minute hand is going up, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  

If you go by the phases of the moon, then the New, waxing & Full moon are the best times to do and work this jar.

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CEH Prosperity Rice Bowl

Here is a wonderful prosperity spell to increase business or personal income.

Enchanted Blessings ~

♥  Mme Violette

CEH Prosperity Rice Bowl


Supplies needed:
• A green or silver bowl or dish
• dill weed
• cinnamon sticks or powder
• grains of brown rice
• 6 bay leaves
• yellow or red rose petals (call upon Venus to bless)
• ground Coffee & Chicory (French Market brand)

You can use one or a combination of these or other money drawing crystals in your bowl:
clear quartz ( amplifies all your intentions)

citrine( helps to manifest money, brings fast money, success)

tiger’s eye( attracts money to you, brings good luck, creates abundance in the real world)

malachite( increases wealth, attracts profitable business deals, money drawing)
The timing for this spell can be done the following ways:

  1. Done during the waxing moon on a Thursday.
  2.  The planetary hours & days can be used that correspond with wealth/money.
  3. Go by the clock when the minute hand is moving up

Face East, Center, clear, cast (if your tradition calls for this)

As you are doing this spell, hold the intention of bringing money effortlessly into your household so that there will always be enough money to pay bills, for savings and to have fun each month.

In the bowl, mix the next 6 ingredients.  (You can charge each ingredient with your intentions if you like as well at this time)
The exact proportions are not so important, but make sure you have a bit of everything in it. Then place the crystal in the center of the bowl or plate.
Now, charge your plate/bowl with your intentions for drawing money steadily & effortlessly into your household.
Seal in the spell.
Give thanks to any attending spiritual energy, guides and angels. You are done.
Let the plate in view on a shelf in your home, money altar or in the kitchen preferably on the East side of your home.

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Healing and the Lunar Cycle: Waning Moon

This is the waning moon installment of my Healing and the Lunar Cycle articles.  This is part of my Healing with the Goddess series™  I hope it is of help to you.

Health & Enchanted Blessings~ ♥ Mme Violette

Waning Moon

This is from the Full moon until the Dark Moon.
During this time of the lunar cycle when the Moon’s light is decreasing, it is best to focus on releasing & letting go on all planes of existence.

Physical: It is the best part of the lunar cycle to do a juice fast, parasite cleanses, gallbladder cleanses or kidney cleanses. Dietary intake should be focused on increased water intake & eating foods that will help with detoxification. You can include berries, green vegetables, lemons, limes, cilantro, parsley, apples and apple cider vinegar into your diet and decrease processed foods and sugars. Colon hydrotherapy and Massage therapy sessions with stimulate and support the functioning of the elimination organs. (Lymphatic system, intestines, skin and the liver).

Emotionally: This a great time to work on releasing habits and addictions that are holding you back from leading a fulfilling life. This could be quitting smoking, getting off caffeine or releasing your addiction to drama and replacing them with positive thoughts and coping mechanisms.

Spiritually: This is a time to meditate on and let go of fears, worries, stress and mental blocks to your happiness.

Energy Healing: Any energy work should focus on releasing cords of fear, severing toxic relationships and strengthening psychic, personal and emotional boundaries.

Magically: This is a wonderful time to do spells and workings for banishing, binding, neutralizing & reversal spells (addictions, illness, evil influences, unwanted negative energies, destroying enemies power to harm, removing blockages). This is also a great time for spiritual baths of purification.

Correspondences for this phase

Herbs & Essential Oils: Lavender, Bay, Nettle, Frankincense, lime, sage, thyme and peppermint

Magical: divination( particularly scrying), psychic abilities and wisdom


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Healing and the Lunar Cycle: The Full Moon

Merry Meet !

This is my Healing and the Lunar Cycle articles of my Healing with the Goddess series™.  For these installments of the series, the focus is on working with the lunar cycle for self-improvement and empowerment.  I hope it is of help to you.

Much Health & Enchanted Blessings~ ♥ Mme Violette


Full Moon:

This is a time of harvest and release. The 3 days leading up to the Full Moon are the most powerful times for the fruition and completion of the seeds planted during the New Moon.
During this time of the lunar cycle when the moon is bright, beautiful and bold, it is time to focus on deep healing and releasing on all levels.

Physically: This a good time to deal with any feminine reproduction and fertility issues, to start a cleanse and to treat lingering infections (particularly yeast ). Also, hidden illnesses and imbalances are often revealed during the Full Moon period. This is because like her light illuminates the earth , it also shines brightly on our lives to illuminate what is hidden so, it can be healed.

Emotionally / Spiritually : This is a time of heightened emotions. Be gentle with yourself and your loved ones. Everyone is experiencing a rush of feelings and needs extra time alone.
This is a wonderful time for Journaling and meditation to help work through these emotions that are coming to the surface. Remember,emotions buried alive never die! When meditating on these issues try to sit with the emotions without pushing away the discomfort they bring. Ask the Goddess : “ what do I need to learn from this? “

Energy healing: This is good time for working with the Goddess and the Angels for energy healing focused on releasing the old thoughts, belief systems and emotional responses that no longer serve to help make room for the new higher energies coming to the planet.

Magically: This is the time to do spells and workings for fertility, abundance, intuition & releasing curses, hexes and past life traumas and karmic patterns. This is also the time for spiritual baths that release the above mentioned issues.

Herbs and Essential oil Correspondences: Bergamot, hyssop, Myrtle, Orange, Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Rose, Petitgrain


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Holistic Hedgewitch Haircare

Merry Meet everyone!

I am a wife, mother, registered nurse and a witch.  (I know what you thought there, LOL!  But seriously, my path is that of a solitary eclectic hedgewitch that is obsessed with herbs, spices and oils.)  I am all about helping myself, my family and clients live the best life as naturally as possible.  So, this holistic hedgewitch hair care journey is right up my alley.  As a matter of fact, I don’t know why I haven’t done this before now?!  So, as I sit here with my morning cuppa and eggs,  I decided that I am going to share my experiences doing holistic hedgewitch hair care with you. I hope it is helpful to you.


I am thoroughly enjoying all the benefits and experiences of “going granola” as some would say with my new natural hair care routine.  So for my first segment,  I will talk about the top 3 advantages I had this first month on my journey.

The Enchantress’ Top 3 Advantages of going herbal with Haircare

1.  Expanding my knowledge of herbal healing and enrichment of my Craft and daily life

I  enjoy the researching of ingredients. ( I know, but I am finding that my inner nerdy child needs love too! ) This has really expanded my knowledge of the healing properties of  plant life, herbs & clay.  Doing this research into the ingredients has also increased my awareness of other cultures and their ways of healing. Next, there is the  developing of my own herbal hair-care blends. It  is super enjoyable for me to see the herbal properties come to life.  The trial and error of what works and doesn’t work is also very stimulating to my inner nerdy child! The mixing and blending of the herbal formulas also helps to strengthen my working knowledge of herbs. This in turn deepens my practice of the Craft as well as my enriches my day to day life with my family.

2. The Cost effectiveness of DIY herbal hair-care over purchasing commercial products

It is extremely cost effective  to start making your own herbal hair care products.  The salon brands I have been using over the last  20 years are so super expensive.  So, this switch over to my new natural routine has been a really nice thing for our family budget.   The powders average $7 – $10 per ½# . I only use about 1 house tablespoon per ingredient in my shampoo blend.  This makes the bag last a pretty long time.  You also need to take into account that you will be washing your hair less often because it will be cleaner after using the natural cleansers  rather than the SLS in the commercial brands.   That equals even greater savings! Another plus for me when ordering my herbs, besides the cost-effectiveness, is the excitement of delivery day!   As I hear  the doorbell ring,  just knowing my package full of hair herbs is out there waiting for me on the stoop sends my inner child into a joyful dance!

3. Natural Self-care –  healing & loving my hair with the abundance from the Goddess

There is nothing like the calm comforting feeling I get  knowing that I am using all natural chemical – free hair-care that actually works.  It has healed my hair and scalp as well as my aura from the harsh energies found in the chemical laden commercial brands.  I believe that it is a direct healing from the Goddess for me.  This routine is her answer to my actual prayers.  I truly believe this and I am very grateful she has started me on this next part of my journey.  

Thank you for sitting a spell with me.

Lots of love & Enchanted Blessings~

Mme Violette